There has been a lot of research into the science of learning recently, and there is a better understanding of what schools, families and students can do to embed learning into long-term memory.    

Teachers at Wilsthorpe School plan to check students’ knowledge in lessons and through the use of retrieval practice.  This involves going back to previously taught material when it links to new learning.  The movement of information from the working memory into the short-term memory helps students retain the information.  In addition, teachers will highlight to students the key pieces of information vital to build up a holistic understanding of the relevant subject. 

Students need to revise regularly and different topics to rehearse, recalling information when it is required.  When students reflect on the feedback provided by their teachers in school to identify and work on their next steps, then revision can become powerful.   

Families can support students by encouraging them to revise regularly, testing students (use their resources; families do not need to be the expert) and providing a quiet space for them to work.   

Below you will find resources that will support students and families with effective revision.