Welcome to Wilsthorpe School  

Wilsthorpe School offers a caring, nurturing and secure environment that enables every member of the Wilsthorpe family to live up to our motto: “Be The Best You Can Be”. 

At Wilsthorpe, we believe that excellence is a habit, so the way we present ourselves, our views and our work matter. We believe that, just as there are no shortcuts to a high-quality education, so there can be no excuses. We believe that the standards to which we hold ourselves each day in our learning, attitudes and conduct shape our futures. 

Two essential elements make Wilsthorpe the special place it is: 

Excellence in Learning

Wilsthorpe is a community that prizes learning highly. We celebrate academic progress and attainment. There is an uncompromising focus on results and high expectations of students’ work ethic and learning.  

Relationships First

In order to excel, young people need a firm foundation of positive relationships: with self, others and with the wider world. Our staff aim to be 100% kind and 100% consistent; our aim is to provide a secure environment for students, where they are known and supported as individuals and can flourish. 

We very much hope to be able to welcome you in person to our forward-looking school, which encourages each student to strive to be the very best they can be.  

Derek Hobbs