Why is Homework important? 

We fully believe that well-designed homework tasks are fundamental to students securing their knowledge across the curriculum.  At Wilsthorpe School, we use homework to ensure that students are prepared for learning. 

Preparation for learning should: 

  • Promote individual learning and research 
  • Improve thinking and memory 
  • Develop lifelong positive study skills and habits 
  • Develop time management and organisation 
  • Cover and explore areas of curriculum students may not have time for in school 
  • Increase independence/responsibility 

Homework at KS3: Knowledge Organisers 

At KS3 students employ a knowledge organiser for homework tasks. 

The purpose of a knowledge organiser is to provide students with accessible guidance about the knowledge that they can study on their own in order to build strong powers of recall.  

Students will be issued a knowledge organiser during tutor time at the start of each term. Electronic copies can be downloaded from our website. 

  • Students in Year 7, 8 or 9 should undertake daily Knowledge Organiser (available on the school website from the link below) activities that cover all subject areas over a two-week cycle.
  • Key Stage 3 students should undertake 40 minutes per evening.

To get the most out of your Knowledge Organiser, you should be learning sections and then self-testing in your workbook.  

​ Use our guide to understand how you can best use your knowledge organiser: 

How should KS3 students use their knowledge organiser? 

Following the timetable enclosed within each organiser, students should complete the activities identified below. By completing the activities below students focus on memorisation, consolidation, recall and retrieval of key knowledge

Homework at KS4 and KS5 

Key Stage 4 students should be set approximately 30 minutes of work for every lesson completed in school.  

Key Stage 5 students should be set approximately 60 minutes of work for every lesson completed in school. 

Each of the activities set will develop the substantive, procedural and disciplinary knowledge necessary for success.