Behaviour For Learning

Students and staff at Wilsthorpe work within a culture of ‘Relationships First’; the way in which we relate to ourselves, others and the wider world is fundamental to our ability to learn and achieve, so we work hard to get these relationships right. 

We believe that the best kind of discipline is self-discipline. We believe that hard work is more important than talent. We have high expectations; we ask a lot of students and staff alike. We believe that there are no shortcuts and no excuses. 

We know that young people sometimes get it wrong and, when they do, we believe in corrective, rather than punitive action, in the first instance. When this happens, we focus on the behaviour, not the person, within a clear, certain framework of consequences. 

We know that teachers and support staff are powerful role models; the pride we show in our dress, the way we move around the school, our positive verbal and body language all make a difference. We know that we set the tone in school and we expect students to follow in an atmosphere of mutual respect. 

Above all, we know that experiencing success is the most powerful driver of behaviour; we aim to ‘catch students being good’. One student recently described the school as “a second family, another home pretty much”. We are committed to providing a firm foundation for relationships, based on trust and mutual respect. 

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