Nothing is more important to us at Wilsthorpe than ensuring that every young person can learn and grow in a safe environment. Every member of our team has a statutory duty to ensure that we deliver this every day. In particular, our Welfare Team works alongside parents to support our students and their families, to ensure that every child can enjoy safe, stable, secure environment, both at home and at school.

Our staff team are there to ensure our students are safe, we work with students to encourage them to speak to adults at the school if they ever feel unsafe or unsure about anything in their lives and we truly believe in the power of “Relationships First” to ensure students feel they can tell an adult when they have concerns or do not feel safe.

Our Welfare Team comprises: 

We are all governed by the DFE document: Keeping children safe in education – Statutory guidance for schools and colleges.
This document contains information on what schools and colleges should do and sets out the legal duties with which schools and colleges must comply in order to keep children safe.

What our Welfare Team can offer: 

  • Support for students, by helping them to develop strategies to manage themselves and their work 
  • Support for families, by helping them to support their children, both in their learning and in developing healthy relationships 
  • Support for families with referrals to external agencies, including Social Care and Health professionals. 

Please click here for our policies and here for our Support for Families information.