The Social Science department currently teaches A level Psychology and A level Sociology. These courses cover a broad spectrum of topics including the creation of phobias, mental illness, the influence of society and the creation of criminals and other topics. Sociology and Psychology help to explain our behaviour. It investigates the impact the environment, culture and our own genetics have. At different points in the course students will plan and execute their own research into chosen topics to further their understanding. Using active learning and teaching methods we aim to develop great student involvement and interest in Social Sciences and to create a positive learning environment with engaged students who are independent and seek out opportunities to further their own knowledge. We are committed to ensuring that each student is given the opportunity and support needed to reach their potential. 

The A level Psychology course covers topics which include the causes and treatments of mental illnesses, the causes of criminal behaviour, explanations as to why we obey authority figures and the effect of illegal drugs on the functioning of the brain, and other topics.  

In Sociology, students will learn about different sociological arguments and the purpose and effect of different elements of our society including; education, identity, the media and crime. 

Both the Sociology and Psychology A level courses are 100% exam, requiring responses using research and theories to express and justify arguments. 

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