Our vision for every child at Wilsthorpe is simple: ‘be the best you can be’. The way we enable young people to achieve this is clear: every lesson, every experience, every day should be ‘an inspirational journey in a climate of dignity and respect’. In this way, we work to cultivate our 3 Two Counties values: Ambition, Honesty and Teamwork. 

We guarantee to give every student at Wilsthorpe School every opportunity to fulfil their potential. We have extremely high expectations, and just as there are no shortcuts, there are no excuses. Every aspect of the school is designed with two essential elements in mind, which make Wilsthorpe the special place it is: 

Excellence in Learning. 

Wilsthorpe is a community that prizes learning highly. We celebrate academic progress and attainment. We are proud of our strong, stable team of expert teachers and support staff, who are our most valuable resource as a school. We assess children’s learning regularly, both informally and formally through exams. There is an uncompromising focus on results and high expectations of students. Although we do operate a rewards system, we accentuate far more a love of learning for its own sake, to build intrinsic pride and motivation. 

Relationships First. 

In order to excel, young people need a firm foundation of positive relationships: with self, others and with the wider world. One student recently described the school as “a second family, another home pretty much”. We believe that the best kind of discipline is self-discipline, but this takes time and effort, which is why we have a clear framework of rules and expectations, which govern the way we live and work together. Our staff are unapologetically strict, but also warm and approachable; our aim is to provide a secure environment for students, where they are known and supported as individuals and can flourish. 

Working with families to share these common expectations at home and at school is key to our success. Young people need certainty and stability, which is why the way we work together – school and home – is so important. We will always be approachable and will do all we can to support your child in every way. In return, we ask that you trust our judgments as staff and support our work as a school to help our young people get into healthy learning habits and routines. Education isn’t something “done to” a child; rather it is something “done together with” a family. Together, we will make a success of your child’s education.