We are committed to ensuring that students can travel to school safely and in an environmentally sustainable way. The following information outlines information in relation to our bus service and cycling to school. 

Bus Timetable (school days only) 

Morning    Afternoon   
07.40  Borrowash Post Office  14.55  Wilsthorpe School 
07.44  Draycott Square  15.03  Long Eaton Green 
07.48  Breaston Church  15.13  Long Eaton – Junction Road 
07.51  Wilsthorpe Island  15.20  Wilsthorpe School 
08.12  Long Eaton – Junction Road  15.25  Breaston Church 
08.20  Long Eaton Green  15.30  Draycott Square 
08.25  Wilsthorpe School  15.35  Borrowash Post Office 


Wilsthorpe School finishes at 14.50 (14.45 for Y7 students) and the bus should be ready for departure by 14.55. 


Students may come to school by bicycle. The bicycle should be kept in good order and a lock should be used when storing the bicycle on the school site. For safety reasons it is strongly recommended that students wear bicycle helmets when riding. The only entry and exit for bicycles is via Briar Gate. Students must not ride their bicycles on the school premises or down the main drive. 

Wilsthorpe School is not liable for property brought onto the premises. However, we do take security seriously and all cycle areas are monitored by CCTV. 

Any queries relating to school transport, passes, time and costs, please contact  enquiries@wilsthorpe.derbyshire.sch.uk