Your Knowledge Organiser is designed to help you memorise key knowledge, be better prepared for learn a wide range of knowledge and be greater prepared for your lessons and exams.  

Knowledge Organisers: 

  • Identify all of the key knowledge that will be used during lessons each term 
  • Are designed to help students commit key knowledge to memory.  
  • Help students develop an understanding of which revision strategies suit them best.  
  • Assist with personal organisation and managing stress; a predictable amount of time is required and the nature of the tasks remain the same.  

To get the most out of your Knowledge Organiser, you should be learning sections and then self-testing in your workbook.  

​ Use our guide to understand how you can best use your knowledge organiser: 

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7 Knowledge Organiser Autumn Year 7 Knowledge Organiser Spring Year 7 Knowledge Organiser Summer
Year 8 Knowledge Organiser Autumn Year 8 Knowledge Organiser Spring Year 8 Knowledge Organiser Summer
Year 9 Knowledge Organiser Autumn Year 9 Knowledge Organiser Spring Year 9 Knowledge Organiser Summer